Beth Smart

Dr. Bob Stevens

 Art Cooper

 Director of Veterinary Medicine at Dolphin Cove and Dolphins Plus

After years of schooling in marine biology, he turned his focus to veterinary medicine.  Now after over 30 years of combining these two passions, you can't find a better guy to care for our ocean friends. 

VP and Director of Operations at Dolphin Cove and Dolphins Plus in Key Largo, FL

If you think he looks happy now, you should see him when he gets some sleep.  Working for over 23 years with live marine mammals, he's learned this is no 9 to 5 job. 

Marine Biologist and Host of Smart Planet TV 

Don't let her outward appearance fool you, this girl knows her stuff!  She's got degrees in biology, psychology, chemistry, and the list goes on.  But trying to get the girl out of the water and put some shoes on is like pulling teeth.

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Smart Planet TV host and marine biologist, Beth Smart will take you on fascinating journeys as she and her team work to help animals that have been put in harms way.  Watch as they help beached pilot whales; fix the broken jaw of a precious dolphin; work with local communities to eradicate invasive species; or train a cute dog to search out marine mammals in distress. 

​Along the way, Beth will give you some fun and easy tips on things you can do at home that’ll make a big difference in our environment and the animals and people who inhabit our planet!

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